Can I use to program my own FPGA?


Hi, I’m curious about this question in the faq:

Currently, our service provides access to FPGAs using AWS F1 Instances. However, we have big plans for the future, so keep an eye on our roadmap to see what we’ll be developing in the coming months. You can always let us know on the forum if there’s anything you would like us to support.

Being able to ‘export’ and run on-prem seems like a major feature you could offer. Are there actual plans to do so? Could you please comment?



Hey Mino,

We support on-prem deployments in our enterprise version. Would you like our sales team to drop you a line?

Thanks for getting in touch :slight_smile:



Thanks @Rosie, can you detail a bit what “on-prem” entails?
Would I be able to deploy the resulting code on FPGAs and ship them commercially into products?


Hey @Mino,

We’re considering embedded systems support, so if you’d like to drop our CEO @rob.taylor a mail he’d be happy to discuss your requirements :slight_smile: