Confusing error from reco check


I have project where I’m trying to use reconfigure to speed up the generation of all possible values of a bitstring of a given length. Part of this is figuring out the max integer, and, counting down from it, casting that integer to a bitstring. I’m importing encoding/binary for this. Without reconfigure, simply using channels and goroutines this approach works just fine. When running “reco check”, I get the following error:

error[E011]: the entity encoding/binary is undefined.

Is there something I’m doing wrong here? Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi there,

Standard libraries are not available on the FPGA side code by default. You can attempt to vendor them however the likelihood of this working is small as most of the standard libraries use functions that aren’t available in our subset of Go. The error message is a bit confusing as you point out so I’m going to write an update for reco check that includes a specific error message for this situation.


I’ve also made this page on Go support in the docs a bit clearer

Hope it helps.