I can not get a token http://app.reconfigure.io


I try http://docs.reconfigure.io/getting_started.html
When i go to http://app.reconfigure.io for get token,
but after login I get an error:
{“error”:“Not Found”}


Yeah, obviously something has gone wrong…will get back to you asap.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re gradually sending out single-use invite codes, one of which is required to use Reconfigure.io and to get an access token. You are likely seeing this error because you do not have an invite code (we’ll get to you as soon as we can).

We’ll get this requirement added to the documentation and try to make the error message more helpful.


I have invite to this project.
Should I must get some other invite?


Yes, that invite is for our forums at community.reconfigure.io. The invite to use the service will be for api.reconfigure.io. Sorry for the confusion.


Hello I would like access to the http://app.reconfigure.io auth token. I would like to begin building the example programs and producing my own. I see that I have Authorized OAuth Apps enabled for ReconfigureIO repository but am receiving the error message after login similar to ua3mqj.

Please advise.


The platform won’t work until you receive an invite token, authorizing your account. We’re sending these out slowly.



I also didn’t get invite token for app.reconfigure.io
Looks like I just should be patient but the tool looks really promising so I feel itchy to get a try.



Hi Alex,

Yes, I’m afraid we’re still not quite ready to onboard all applicants to the alpha. Soon though!



Hello Rob,

I really appreciate for your quick response and will wait until you can onboard us.

Thank you,


Hello again!

Just want to clarify if there is any timeline when you can onboard more people?

Thank you,