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Hi Everyone! :wave:

We’ve had people successfully using our service for a while now so we’ve got an idea of the kind of questions that need answering and collated them in our docs. If you have a question about any aspect of you can check out our FAQs to see if it’s answered there. You never know, you might even find the answer to a question you hadn’t even thought of asking yet!

But, as ever, if you want to ask us anything at all, you can drop us a line here on the forum :slight_smile:.


Hello Rosie!

I signed up for at the end of October. I was expecting to receive an email with an invite token, as per the “Getting Started” doc. but this doesn’t seem to have come.

It looks like is an authorised OAuth app. as per my github account, but when I try to sign in with github I get ‘{“error”:“Not Found”}’

I’m raring to get started with some FPGA-goodness. Should I just sit tight and wait for the invite token?




Thanks for letting us know Toby,

I’ve just re-sent your invite. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:



Awesome! Thanks for the quick turnaround :star_struck: