v0.17.3 is released 🎉


New Release v0.17.3
Optimizations for increased performance

This is a performance focussed release which also includes some bugfixes for larger applications.


There’s a new version of our tooling too: reco v0.5.2. You can run reco version to find out which version you currently have installed.

If you have v0.5.0 or above you can simply run reco update and you will be guided through the process.

To update from a previous version checkout our instructions here:

Reworked multipliers for improved performance

Our compiler is now more efficient in generating code for multipliers, with more work being done per clock. The FPGA is made up of reprogrammable blocks of logic, but also some specialist blocks including DSPs, which run faster than the surrounding logic. We use these DSP blocks to implement multipliers, and with this release we have increased their use and optimized it with improved timing information, increasing overall performance.

For a full rundown of this release, see our release notes.