v0.17.5 is released πŸŽ‰


New Release v0.17.5
Fixes for some unintended optimization side effects

This is a bugfix release focussed on fixing unintended side effects of some recent compiler optimizations.


Our current tooling version is reco v0.5.2. You can run reco version to check your current installation. If you need to upgrade, and have v0.5.0 or above, you can simply run reco update to be guided through the process.

To update from a version before v0.5.0 you can follow our instructions here:


  • Fixed an edge case in our latch scheduling algorithm where many serial forks would not introduce a latch, causing timing to fail. Thanks to @foolmarks for reporting the bug!

  • Refined an optimization rule to prevent it from removing necessary control flow.

For a full rundown of the bugfixes in this release, see our release notes.

What’s Next?

We are working towards a new foundation for our compiler that paves the way to our next set of performance improvements.

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