🎉 Reconfigure.io v0.12.8 is released 🎉


New Release v0.12.8

This release contains performance improvements for end user code.


This release doesn’t require you to upgrade at all, as long as you’re using a recent version of our tooling. To check, run the following:

$ reco version
reco version: v0.2.0
Go version: go1.8.3
Build Time: 2017-10-06T19:59:40Z
Built By: Travis CI User <travis@example.org>

If you don’t see this, you can update using our installation instructions.

Performance Improvements

The release of our new channel implementation resulted in some performance regressions. This release tunes the implementation to save a few clock cycles on code that’s the equivalent of the following:

    myChan <- foo

This should improve performance for all channel operations.

We also improved the rules to infer when writes to a variable can be parallelized and joined. This mostly impacts variables that are written to from multiple goroutines.

Crypto Library

We also released an open source library for cryptographic functions, with an implementation of MD5. You can use this in your kernels. Issues and pull requests are enthusiastically accepted.

For more information, see our release notes.