Tutorial Clarifications


Here are some things @peterseo brought up when going through the tutorial:

  • What does partial support for floating point mean?
  • Is there a tutorial on communicating back and forth between the CPU & FGPA?
  • What is World?
  • What does the defer do?
  • What are the parameters in kernel.Run(1,1,1) for?
  • How do the concurrency primitives work? How do these relate to threads or lower level concurrency primitives?
  • The pipeline diagram was helpful
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@peterseo Thanks for this detailed feedback, I’ll look at clearing some of this up in the documentation. I especially like the tutorial suggestion - comms between the CPU and FPGA. Let me know if you have any more suggestions!



Thank you, Rosie! Personally, I really liked the pipeline and the workflow diagrams. Those made it much easier to understand how the code/process worked. If there’s another tutorial about comms between CPU and FPGA, an accompanying diagram would be great!

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