Upgrade to v0.10.0 🚀


Hi! @alex @tclarke @anacierdem @david @eguro

I just wanted to catch up with you after the recent v0.10.0 release to check you’ve managed to have a go.

The main new features was enabling FPGA deployments. If you follow the guide below, you’ll build some code and deploy it to an FPGA in the cloud:


Install the latest version of reco by following the instructions below for your operating system:


Run the following from your terminal, you may be asked to enter your password:

curl -LO https://s3.amazonaws.com/reconfigure.io/reco/releases/reco-master-x86_64-linux.zip \
&& unzip reco-master-x86_64-linux.zip \
&& sudo mv reco /usr/local/bin`


Run the following from your terminal, you may be asked to enter your password:

curl -LO https://s3.amazonaws.com/reconfigure.io/reco/releases/reco-master-x86_64-apple-darwin.zip \
&& unzip reco-master-x86_64-apple-darwin.zip \
&& sudo mv reco /usr/local/bin


Launch Powershell as administrator and paste:

Invoke-WebRequest https://s3.amazonaws.com/reconfigure.io/reco/releases/reco-master-x86_64-pc-
windows.zip -OutFile reco-master-x86_64-pc-windows.zip;
Expand-Archive -Path reco-master-x86_64-pc-windows.zip -DestinationPath C:\reco;
setx PATH "$env:path;C:\reco" -m;

reco will be available in further sessions of cmd or powershell

Update code examples

Check you’ve got the most up-to-date code examples downloaded by entering this from a terminal:

git clone https://github.com/ReconfigureIO/examples.git && cd examples && git checkout v0.3.0

Build and deploy

Next, we’ll build the parallel histogram code and deploy it!
Just a heads up – builds are currently taking around 4 hours, so maybe plan this wait time in! :sleeping: This is longer than we would like and is partly due to underlying silicon vender tools that we are currently working to address.

Navigate to the …examples/histogram-parallel directory and from a terminal, enter:

        reco create-project histogram
        reco set-project histogram
        reco build

Then, once the build has finished:

        reco ls

Copy the build ID and:

        reco run <build_ID> test-histogram

You will now see the output from our parallel histogram example running on a remote FPGA :tada:

Tell us what you think

Lastly, you can give us some feedback by replying to this thread, all feedback is really important to us, workflow, service, whatever, just let us know!

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Hello Rosie,

I have access to Xeon Phi - 64 cores, will parallel build run faster?



Hi Alex,

Builds run entirely on our servers, so your local CPU won’t impact the total build time. We build on large EC2 instances, and optimize our servers to reduce build time as much as possible, but FPGA place and route times are typically an hours long process.



histogram-parallel$ reco build

2017-08-31 22:23:48| preparing build …
2017-08-31 22:23:49| done. Build
id: 3a8085a7-d5e7-44fe-ac95-aa71f6cc3d13
2017-08-31 22:23:49| archiving
Error: ‘’ is empty

Tried a new build, ended up with an empty error message.
Let me know how I can help to diagnose.




I’ll have our team look into it.



What platform are you using? Windows, Mac or Linux?



Hi Alex,

Thanks for trying it out.

Can you kindly follow the installation instructions again to pull an updated version and try again.

The issue has been reproduced and fixed.



Confirm fix: waiting for a build to finish (4 hours :))