Visibility of project direction and ongoing work


First of all, I really like how this community forum works and the docs are structured. I’m missing two closely related things:

  • A way to see where the project and the company is headed (i.e. a roadmap, even if it’s tentative and blurry).
  • A way to see what you at the moment work on. E.g. if I have requested a feature that’s very important for me, how can I see if it will come next week, next month, never…? With open source projects this is commonly done with an issue tracker (otherwise a UserVoice forum for example).

We recently opened up the project communication of Hastlayer, a tool with very similar aims than ReconfigureIO but for .NET, in the open source way and e.g. added issues on GitHub. We’ll see how it will work but my general suggestion would be (what I personally as a user would like to see) to make the project’s state more visible for future matters (e.g. release notes are a way to do that, but those work for things already done).

What do you think?


Hi Zoltán,

You make some great points, and we agree with them. We had planned on opening up a public roadmap shortly, but since it’s an issue for you, we’ll share what we have now. We have a Trello board with the start of our public roadmap. We’ll refine this process, and add to it over the coming weeks.


Nice, thanks!

I’d be curious on how you intend to implementing floating point. With Hastlayer we’ve evaluated our options too and actually supporting the IEEE double is the least appealing one. Currently we’re looking into Unum support.


We have some things to figure out, but our general idea is to use Xilinx IP for our F1 instance backend to support floats and double. The synthesis process would then be responsible for including that IP.


I see, thanks for explaining.